How to Schedule a Shared Facebook Post

Schedule a Shared Facebook Post

If you manage a Facebook page, you know how great it is to be able to schedule posts ahead of time. It’s an amazing time-saver and helps with strategic planning. But for a lot of people they don’t realize they can just as easily schedule a shared Facebook post.

Say a leader in your niche posts a video that you think your audience would get a lot of benefit from, but you’re reading it at 11:30pm (because your brain won’t shut off!) Unless most of your audience is half-way around the world, 11:30pm is not an ideal time to share. No worries..sharing another page’s post is as easy as copying and pasting. And the creator still gets the credit <- Very important!

  1. Highlight and copy the date link of the post you want to share.


Copy date link

2. Open up your Facebook page and paste that date link into your post field. It will automatically populate with the post/video/photo, etc. After it’s populated, delete the link and write your own content about what your sharing.

Paste date link into Facebook post

3. After you’re finished, just click on the down arrow, beside the Publish button, and schedule the post just as you normally would.

Schedule post time

Super easy, but with all of Facebook’s bells and whistles it can get overlooked.

Happy Sharing!!


3 Reasons You Need Canva’s New Mobile App

BC_blog_Canva's New Mobile App

Working in the digital field, we are always searching for different programs or apps that make our lives and the lives of our clients just a little easier. One of those platforms has been Canva. We’ve been huge fans from day one. Recently we were asked to beta test Canva’s new mobile app along with some other great companies. It came as no surprise that it was fantastic! We all started creating like mad, fixed some bugs, and now we’re super excited to announce that Canva has made it live!

What if we were grateful

Here are the highlights to why we love this app so much:

Saves time

Being able to create a quick graphic for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is a time-saver for us and our clients. We can create quick graphics, during an event, on our phones. This keeps our to-do list down and allows for instant, live responses. No more #latergram here! And of course, they don’t just stop with a few platforms. You can also create presentations, blog graphics, covers, and posters…just name a few.

It’s Spontaneous…or is it?

We love the spontaneous feel of the app. We can create a graphic from an editorial calendar that was planned the previous month, but with the many templates they have, it feels like we came up with it on the fly.

Creating on the Go

With long commutes or long kid pick-up lines, we find ourselves always on the subway or in the car with down time. With Canva’s new mobile app, we can keep creating without missing a beat. Our creations sync with our desktop version, so it’s always fluidly in motion.


  1. Be sure to use the search bar in the Elements section…there are so many options!
  2. Play around with the templates and change them into your own brand color and theme.
  3. Don’t bypass the search bar when looking for images…that’s where Canva’s free and for-pay pictures are.

Holiday Promo Sample

There are some amazing ladies and gents that work at Canva and they have an outstanding customer support. Even before we became a part of their Inner Circle, they fixed hiccups and answered questions as if we were their most important client. So don’t hesitate to contact them with questions.

With the Canva App being so new there are just a couple things we would love to see added soon: add our own Elements (such as logo’s) and being able to purchase images through the app.

We’re not too worried about that though…they’ll continue to make the app the best because that’s what Canva does.


7 Ways to be the MacGyver of SEO

7 Ways to be the MacGyver of SEO

MACGYVER…the guy from the 80’s who could do anything! He was the best-looking science nerd – he made the ladies swoon and the guys gag. Every week he would end up in some locked room or another and have to pull a stunt with nothing but what was practically in his pockets. Thank God for his trusty Swiss Army knife, duck tape, paperclips, batteries, and gum!

When it comes to SEO, it can feel like you’re locked into a room with no way to escape. The bomb is ticking and you have to master this SEO issue!

Reality is there is no bomb and you can conquer SEO for your site with the same laid back swagger MacGyver pulled every week.

There are the main ‘must-haves’ that your site needs:

  • Must be easy to navigate and interact with. Your menu should be minimal with easy to find pages.
  • Must provide relevant information to the user’s search term. If someone is looking for an article about banana’s and you’re trying to direct them to your article on monkey’s through that keyword, Grandfather Google will not pleased.
  • Must be visually pleasing to the eye and easily accessible from any browser and across all devices. By now, you know that all websites must be mobile-friendly. However, have you cleaned house? I’ve seen websites that had so much crap in the sidebar, it was hurting their ranking. If your homepage looks like it belongs on Hoarders, clean it up. Google will just close he’s eyes on that nonsense.
  • Must provide content that is credible and desirable. This should be a no-brainer, but sometimes, after years of blogging, we lose focus on the point of our site. If you’re a tech writer…just write tech. If you have an e-commerce blog, write about e-commerce. Your audience is looking for that information from you because you told them you would be their resource for that. As long as you do just that, your SEO will align just fine with the Powers That Be.

Here are few more Tips to making your site/posts stand out:

1. Use numbers in your metadata. It catches people’s eyes when they’re skimming through their Google search results.

Target Metadata

2. Include a clear Call To Action in metadata. It seems forceful but tell your potential audience what you want them to do.

Netflix metadata

3. Give a sense of urgency in metadata and site-wide. Like Duluth Trading Company, you can have a lot of fun with it. They did a fantastic job highlighting all of these tips.

Duluth metadata

4. Give negative consequences for not purchasing. We’re not talking a threat. Be creative…

Listerine metadata

5. Use emotional language in metadata. You should appeal to the needs/thoughts of your audience.

Basspro Metadata

6. Play to your strengths. Highlight your Unique Selling Points. (Free delivery, easy returns, etc.)

Macys metadata
7. Use transition sentences/phrases that keeps them on your page. Like “Wait, there’s more!”, without sounding like a bad infomercial. You want to hold your readers attention and readers that skim. For example:

  • What’s more
  • But on the other hand
  • It get better/worse, etc…

Take a look at your metadata and the content throughout your site. Where can you make changes; what pages need to be updated? It’s amazing what a difference these few tips can have on your current and future outlook on presenting your product.

Big List of Social Media Support/Reference Links

Big List of Social Media Support

If you’re like most business learner, your bookmarks can be out of control. [Not that we know anything about that!] Hopefully this post will make some of those bookmarks go away in place of this one.

Let this post be your go-to place for where to find Social Media support, contact forms, forums and latest info.

*Up-to-date Social Media Image sizes*

Twitter Support:
Facebook Support:
Linkedin Support:
Google +:

Known issues:
Known issues:

Facebook Support Forum:
Facebook not working properly?
Report an Issue with FB Pages:
Facebook Ads Help:
Your Page doesn’t come up in FB Search:
Request Multiple Locations for a Page (Parent-Child pages):
Report a Broken Feature:
Report Copyright Infringement:
Report Trademark Infringement:

Hopefully you won’t need to use these too often, but if so, then I’m glad this list of Social Media Support and Reference Links help!

Current Social Media Image Sizes

Social Media Image Sizes

Trying to keep up with changes in social media image sizes is like keeping up with the Kardashians Jones’. It’s a constant research and update. I’m grateful when sites like Canvas can keep their image sizes up to date, but when you need to create something a little more robust, you need to be on top of what these sizes are.

Feel free to bookmark this page and share!

**We will be updating these sizes as they change**


Banner: 851 x 315
Profile Image: 180 x 180 (but shows 160 x 160)
Ad: *see image below…
Link Image: 1200 x 627
Shared Image: 1200 x 1200
Tab: 111 x 74

The image for Facebooks ads can very depending on type of ad. This image comes from Facebook for Business:

Facebook Ad Image Sizes


Banner: 1500 x 500
Profile Image: 400 x 400
Shared Image: 1024 x 512
Ad Image: 600 x 150


Banner: 646 x 220
Standard Logo: 100 x 60
Square Logo: 50 x 50
Sponsored Ads: 800 x 400


Profile Image: 600 x 600
Board Thumbnail: 222 x 150
Pin: 600 x [no limit]


Profile Image: 161 x 161
Image from Photoshop/Lightbox: ideally 1080 x 1080


Profile Image: 250 x 250
Banner: 2120 x 1192
Feed Image: 250 x 250 (minimum)


Profile Image: pulled from Google+
Channel Art: 2560 x 1224
Custom Video Thumbnail: 1280 x 720

If there other image sizes you feel are missing from this list, please comment and I’ll be happy to add them.

Facebook’s See First Option

Facebook's See First Option

Facebook can be SO infuriating, yet we still check it 50x a day. Yes, we are our worst enemy. 😉 We follow certain Pages because we like what they share or offer. We don’t want to miss it. But Facebook likes to pick and choose who gets to see those Page posts; unless you interact with it often. If you’re more of a lurker Facebook has made a tweak to help you out a bit.

Recently they created the See First option with the Following/Unfollow dropdown menu within a Page. Now by clicking ‘See First’ you will get to see all status updates from that Page and not miss out on a thing.

Mobile view:

Facebook See First Option
Desktop view:

Facebook See First Option - Desktop view
See how great that is?!

If you like these kind of tips, be sure to follow Boundless Creative as “See First” so you don’t miss out on anything…Thank you so much!

Successful vs Viral Content

Successful vs Viral Content

I am asked quite often, “How can I make this go viral?” That’s an interesting question in and of itself. As a business, we don’t really lead the way for what goes viral. Other people do. If a product or video catches the eye of a lot of people, it will get shared over and over. Not by us, but by internet bystanders. Even the big dog brands, rely on the average man.

And what does going viral get you?

I’m not referring to the 10% whose product sales go through the roof due to some crazy viral video (being backed by a huge marketing budget) or endorsement from Oprah. I’m talking about the other 90% of us. We need to be smart about marketing our products and/or services.

Let’s look at the top 5 viral YouTube videos of all time:

Charlie Bit My Finger

Evolution of Dance

David After Dentist

“Here It Goes Again”


Not a single one of these viral videos is about a product or service. The list goes on and on and still not a single video tied to a business. Every one of these videos is based around what others find as humorous (and some, tacky humor)…about nothing in particular.

Instead of trying to create viral content, strive for successful content. You want your video campaign to reach your target audience with a call-to-action that works. And as you can see from what is most popular, giving your video’s a humorous spin wouldn’t hurt.

Where is your potential sales going to come from? I’m a strong believer in videos, but only if it backs up what you are selling and your audience can be found there. Buyers want facts. It’s your job to give it to them then bring them in the door for the sale. What makes your content successful is being creative, but staying focused on what your target audience needs. Not what Company ABC is doing, nor what is showing up as the Play of the Day on Good Morning America.

Create a strategy that works for your industry and build on it. Stay focused despite the constant barge of new digital media options. You will see results!

Grumpy Cat

10 Free Feminine Fonts

10 Free Feminine Fonts

Genteel and Strong were the words used to pick out this set of free fonts. There are times when a beautiful script can set the tone for an image or announcement. Don’t forget san serif fonts work really well with script types. Don’t mix too many fonts and you’ll have a powerful image.

Graceful – Quigley
Compassionate – Of Wildflowers and Wings
Noble – Evanescence
Lavender – Devroye
Sweet – Gabrielle
Tender – Black Rose
Grit – Playfair Display
Delicate – Jenna-Sue
Sensitive – Lane
Gentle – Caviar Dreams (and Champagne Wishes!)

Organize your Subscriptions with UnRoll.Me

Organize your Subscriptions

It’s amazing how quick email subscriptions can get out of hand. “Sign up for 10% off of a great product…Get the best tips for blogging…News you can’t live without!” I’m sure there is a reason why you needed to subscribe, but if it’s been more than 3 months and you can’t remember why you subscribed and/or you don’t need their services any longer, it’s time to clean up your subscription list.

There are several services out there that can help in this department, but I’ve found that UnRoll.Me is a free and simple tool to help you organize all your subscriptions.

How-To Steps:

1. To get started enter your email address.
2. If you have an email address that is not immediately recognized (like gmail or yahoo) it will ask you to pick from a list of email providers to choose from.
3. will need you to give them permission to manage your inbox so they can pull out the emails that are subscriptions.
4. Once they’ve scanned your emails, they will list the subscriptions and give you two options. The options are what makes this tool so great! You can either unsubscribe directly from that page or roll your subscriptions into one subscription so instead of receiving multiple emails, you can receive them as one email.

Note: keep in mind that in some cases if you have emails that are being forwarded to you, will pull that in as a subscription. Also, if you don’t want to do anything, you can just leave it alone.

All in all, I think this is the most simple tool to use for anyone wanting to keep organized without too much hassle.

Important note:  if you are subscribed to a newsletter that is still very useful to you, please stay subscribed. A lot of organizations work very hard to give you information to meet your needs.

Common Social Media Mistakes for Businesses

Social Media Mistakes

Social media as a main stream marketing strategy has been in practice for a few years now. Whether a company is new at this concept or they have been doing it “like a pro,” there are still social media mistakes that continue to pop up by users. These mistakes can cost a business greatly. Let’s look at 10 of the most common mistakes out there.

  • Posting too many times about your services/products within a small time window will turn your followers off. Try spreading your posts out (Buffer is a great tool for this) and sticking to something similar to the 80/20 rule. That is 80% about your industry and 20% about your business offerings.
  • “Advertising” your business on another business’ Facebook page is rude and tacky. You’re not actually getting read by their followers, but you are going to help progress some negative word-of-mouth marketing by those companies you do that to. Remember it’s a person running that other Facebook account.
  • Creating automatic posts without staying in touch with the temperature of your audience. If you’ve created a status update about what a fun, loving community/followers you have and something in the news comes up about a child abduction, you’re going to look very impersonal and out of touch with reality.
  • Talking but not listening will kill any progress you might make on your social media platforms. You’re online and now your followers want to be socialable. Don’t leave them hanging. Answer questions…respond to comments…just be present!
  • When connecting with others on LinkedIn don’t use the default message. Make it personal. Send a message about where you might have met them, heard them talk, or others who you both might know.
  • Do not spam others through private messages. If you use DM’s on Twitter to shout your pitch, you’ll get unfollowed. If you send a private message to share a spammy ad on Facebook, it’ll get deleted with no response. Call the business and find out who you need to talk to and talk with that person. Leave your social media sites to promote others (first) then yourself properly.
  • Just because there are hundreds of social media platforms available, doesn’t mean your business needs to have an active account on all of them. Remember you’re trying to reach a particular type of fan. You need to ask, “Where are they and how can we use that platform to our best ability?” Then knock it out of the park!
  • Online newsletters should never be sent to anyone that has not opted into your subscriber list. Yes, that means just because you met someone and exchanged business cards, does not mean they qualify as a subscriber.
  • Your online voice can be read many different ways. What you may think is tongue-in-cheek humor can be completely rude and a turn off to half your audience. Become familiar on when to sound professional and when to be more casual with your posts.
  • Be careful with double-posting. Don’t always have the same posts on Twitter that you would have on your LinkedIn or Facebook account. They have different “voices” and you need to give variety.

Trends will always change, but etiquette is a constant. Be sure that you are thinking of what is best for your (potential) customers, not what is best for your sales figures.