Successful vs Viral Content

Successful vs Viral Content

I am asked quite often, “How can I make this go viral?” That’s an interesting question in and of itself. As a business, we don’t really lead the way for what goes viral. Other people do. If a product or video catches the eye of a lot of people, it will get shared over and over. Not by us, but by internet bystanders. Even the big dog brands, rely on the average man.

And what does going viral get you?

I’m not referring to the 10% whose product sales go through the roof due to some crazy viral video (being backed by a huge marketing budget) or endorsement from Oprah. I’m talking about the other 90% of us. We need to be smart about marketing our products and/or services.

Let’s look at the top 5 viral YouTube videos of all time:

Charlie Bit My Finger

Evolution of Dance

David After Dentist

“Here It Goes Again”


Not a single one of these viral videos is about a product or service. The list goes on and on and still not a single video tied to a business. Every one of these videos is based around what others find as humorous (and some, tacky humor)…about nothing in particular.

Instead of trying to create viral content, strive for successful content. You want your video campaign to reach your target audience with a call-to-action that works. And as you can see from what is most popular, giving your video’s a humorous spin wouldn’t hurt.

Where is your potential sales going to come from? I’m a strong believer in videos, but only if it backs up what you are selling and your audience can be found there. Buyers want facts. It’s your job to give it to them then bring them in the door for the sale. What makes your content successful is being creative, but staying focused on what your target audience needs. Not what Company ABC is doing, nor what is showing up as the Play of the Day on Good Morning America.

Create a strategy that works for your industry and build on it. Stay focused despite the constant barge of new digital media options. You will see results!

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