Affirming Your Customers

Don’t you just love a good ‘Atta boy!’? Children, in their rawest emotional form, are constantly looking for that positive confirmation. Those words that tell them they are as great as they think they are. We may have grown up enough to know that we shouldn’t be so forward about wanting open acceptance, but in the core of a lot of us, we want verbal approval.

As with all five of the Love Languages, giving words of affirmation can be time consuming, but the loyalty of those customers and the word-of-mouth marketing that comes back from that is priceless.

With so many social media platforms it makes it easier for your customers to talk with you. It’s great for them, but lousy for you if you don’t respond to them. On Facebook, respond to every single comment…even if that just means ‘liking’ their comment. If they say something conversation-worthy, encourage it. The only time you shouldn’t respond is if it’s racist or vulgar (of course depending on the mission of your company). On Twitter, be sure to search keywords regarding your company so when people talk about you, you can respond and build a relationship with them.

Some of the simplest forms of affirmation is acknowledgement. If a customer tweets that they spent their birthday at your establishment, give them a birthday shout out. If they’re showing off their dogs/kids/grandkids and it’s connected to your product, tell them how great it is.

All this being said, if you can’t be sincere, hire someone else to do your social media management. There is nothing worse than digital slime. Mom’s everywhere say it best: If you don’t have anything nice (or sincere) to say, don’t say it at all.

What are some ways you have changed how you communicate digitally to your customers to engage them and meet that verbal affirmation need?

*Next week we’ll talk about Receiving Gifts.