Customers who love gifts

Receiving Gifts

I was having a Monday-to-the-3rd-power kind of day. My head hurt, I was in a fowl mood because of a deal that went sour, and I needed to be on my A-game for another meeting later that afternoon. Of course that meant a stop at Starbucks for some coffee-medication. While in the drive-thru lane, I noticed the lady in the car in front of me kept looking at me in her rearview mirror. I thought, “Great! It’s someone I know and I need to throw out a big ol’ fake smile and wave.” But after a closer look, I realized I didn’t know her, yet she wouldn’t stop looking!

I looked at myself in the mirror to double check nothing was hanging, but all was well in that department. She pulled through, got her drink, paid for it and pulled away. I started to blow it off until I pulled up to the window and got ready to pay for my nectar of life. The barista said, “The car in front of you already paid and wanted me to tell you she hopes you have a great day.” Even though I had heard about this happening to so many people, I was actually stunned I was experiencing it myself. I was so appreciative! I wanted someone else to feel this same feeling, but no one was behind me. I drove off with my free cup of joe and a complete change of attitude. Receiving gifts isn’t even my love language, but that unexpected gift from a stranger changed my day around for the better and I was grateful for it!

The love language of receiving gifts in a business setting can be confusing. One tends to think of contests or door prizes. But both of those require something from the customer. What about gifts that come unexpected from the company to the consumer? Some ideas that come to mind:

  • Randomly giving gift cards to engagers on twitter.
  • Giving a 10% discount for a frazzled mom.
  • Throwing in an extra service for free, because that client is worth it.

In all three of those ideas, you’re not doing it to win them over or giving them something on your timeframe. It’s purely an acknowledgement that says, “I care about you as my customer; no strings attached.” Those customers not only will be back, but you can bet they’ll be talking about it on Facebook!

It might not be your norm, but I suggest budgeting for Unexpected Kindness. This takes pressure off you and allows the freedom to engage with and take care of those who are loyal to you.

Do you already do this throughout the year? I’d love to hear about it!

Next week we’ll tackle the love language of Physical Touch. Oh yes, this will be very interesting!

Photo credit: ThomasHawk