Customers who need Quality Time

Quality Time NowDentists, Used Car Salesmen, Zombies – just a few people that no one wants to spend quality time with. However, for the rest of us, we have customers that need to have that extra quality time to feel they are valued.

My specialty is in marketing. I can go all Chuck Norris-ette when it comes to strategy, but if you put me in a home decor store I’m lost. I want all the things I see in Pinterest, but have no idea how to put it together. That’s when I’m looking for someone to hold me by the hand and make my place look amazing!

There is a fine line between being a lifesaver and hounding your customer – don’t be that guy. Quality of Time is not so much a love language that will make or break a deal; however, it can skew a word-of-mouth testimony. Helping a customer is not the time to be bottom-line and then yell, “Next!” If your customer is wanting your help, then give it and make them your priority.

Ask them questions. Are they finding the answers they need? How can you help them with it? Is there an opportunity to education them?

Evaluate the close. Is this visit the time to close the deal? Maybe they need more education, options or ideas. Don’t rush the process…sometime it just needs to steep a bit.

Not sure how to meet the needs of your customers whose love language is quality time? Ask around. You’ll be surprised just how many friends/customers fits this type.

Next week, we’ll wrap up the Professional Love Language series with the 5th Love Language – Acts of Service.