Giving Your Customers Acts of Service

Acts of ServiceRandom acts of kindness doesn’t have to be so random…just consistent. Throughout this series, the biggest take-away is that you should be giving your customers the experience that guarantees results for you and them. Meeting your customer’s needs through Acts of Service is a win-win across the board. Even the little things can speak volumes. Just a few:

1. Give room to move. It’s amazing how many brick and mortar stores don’t meet the needs of their physically handicapped clients. In some places, you don’t have to be in a wheelchair to feel a bit claustrophobic browsing aisles. Give people room to move and enjoy your products; they’ll stick around longer. Longer browsing time = sales.

2. Go that extra mile. During holidays, have a customer service rep pass out chocolates/coffee(!)/goodies/water bottles to those in line. It impresses the buyers and they feel valued.

3.  For online stores, give your customers an option to call to place their order. Some don’t feel comfortable purchasing online and should have options.

4. Don’t make discounts/coupons difficult. If your coupon code requirements include standing on your head by the rays of a blue moon – stop it. It’s not kind and it’s not customer service. Give them a coupon or discount code that is worthy to be spread by word of mouth.

There are so many other ways to serve your customers that are industry specific. Be creative. Ask the customers what they want. They dig that.

This is the last of the 5 Love Languages of your Customer series. I hope ideas have been going through your head and you implement some. I’d love to hear what changes you made and how it’s working for you!


Image credit: Pouser