Love Language of Your Customer

You can lose a customer at a moment’s notice with today’s social listening tools. I love the story of how Dave Kerpen commented on Twitter how long the line was at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. Aria never responded, but Rio did. No guessing where he stayed next time he was in Vegas. Customers want to be heard and responded to so much quicker than ever before…because of the ability to keep track online. It can be very nerve-wrecking to a company not prepared or trained in how to handle the wants and needs from their customers. If you don’t meet their needs, your competitors will.

When a marketing company wants to get the general consensus about a certain product or thought, they will take a survey from a variety of people from different backgrounds. What they are looking for is a common denominator on how to best market that product. Even though, more than likely, they’ll find some thread of commonality from most of those they surveyed, they’ll also find there is no way anyone can make everyone completely happy. We are unique individuals with quirks and needs.

So how do you meet the service needs of these individuals if they’re your customers? Some people will come into your store and complain that they weren’t helped enough; where others complain they weren’t left alone to shop. It all depends on the personality of your customers.

If Gary Chapman’s book the Five Love Languages works for a married couple, brothers, or a family trying to understand how to best praise their daughter – why can’t it work on B2C situations? The answer is it can.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to look at the 5 Love Languages and how it can help you service your clients. The first one we’ll dig into is Words of Affirmation. Please chime in. We’d love to hear how you adjust strategies to better meet the needs of your customers.

Photo Credit: frankrizzo805