NoFollow = NoCommunity

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So many trendy titles, but the bottom line is do you care about people? Whether you “get” something from them or not?

Somewhere along the line I have almost grown a chip on my shoulder over businesses that don’t make their clients a priority. The lack of good, old-fashion service has been lost. It’s in the little things, really. That’s what makes the clients smile and feel just a bit more loyal to you.

At Boundless we try to focus on the little things that make a difference. Even something as small as turning off the nofollow attributes to this blog.

It became the norm to have nofollow as a part of your blogs makeup to put the kibosh on so many spammers trying to get linky love. Akismet has done a fabulous job on staying on top of it so we are turning the nofollow attributes off. We want to encourage discussion here and giving some Google love  never hurt anyone! 😉

I look forward to chatting with you all on here, Facebook or Twitter!


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