Physical Touch – Customer Love Language

Physical Touch for CommunicationSo…your client is a huggy-feely type. How in the world do you meet their need?!

Before you start conjuring up images of  having to hug every customer that walks in the door (or something worse), a physical touch doesn’t always mean holding a Touch Fest. It’s about building a connection with that client.

A few ideas to get our thoughts headed in the right direction:

EYE CONTACT – Giving eye contact to a person in this type of love language feels like they are getting a physical connection with you. You are saying, “I am here in this space and time with you. I’m not looking over your shoulder that more prominent client that just walked in the door. I’m making you my priority.”

HAND SHAKE– For the business person, you’re taught from day one how important that hand shake is. It is believed by some to have originated by showing that you come in peace for there is no weapon in your hand.  I can guarantee there were no weak hand shakes during that time period! Please give a solid hand shake. Nothing is worse than grabbing hold of a hand that is limpy and only half-hearted.  A hand shake is a form of communication…use it wisely.

GUIDANCE – If you ask an associate at Hyvee’s where a product is located, they will tell you what aisle it is in and then quickly ask, “Can I take you over there to where it’s located?” Personally, I’d be happy to give them my whole shopping list and let them go at it! Physically leading someone to a product/aisle/page fits in this category. You are physically in their world and guiding them shows they are very much a priority.

The point of all the love languages is to make that person feel special and wanted. Your customers who connect through the physical touch will feel that connection when you acknowledge them through eye contact, hand shakes, and physical guidance.

I would love to hear what other ideas you would include in this category!

Quality Time with a Customer is the love language we’ll talk about next week. Looking forward to this one!

Photo credit: ThinkPanama