Rights vs. Service

Shaking handsThe full-serve marketing field can be a cut throat world. It’s full of marketers trying to pee on their bush and make their customers loyal through threats. I’ve heard countless firms say, “I’ve done so many things for these companies, they owe me.” Or even wondering where the “thank you’s” are at. Our industry is no better than any other. Marketers should be in the business of servicing the crap out their clients. If you’re that good, then your prices should show it. If you’re going to advertise that you know how to give a certain kind of service (ie: social media) then by golly, you better knock it out of the park.

Unfortunately, “service” has turned into an overused word that has become lost in the power shuffle. During an economy where new customers were hard to find, we knew that keeping the clients we had demanded incredible service. Now that the economy is starting to turn and new customers are coming back, what happened to that great service?

Have you called up a client just to see how they were doing? Not to see if you could sell them something.

What about going above and beyond that retainer? Just because…

WOM is a cinch if you just do the job you promised when you wooed that client in the beginning.

Speaking of rights…your client also has that right to walk away from you and they will if you don’t make them your company’s priority.  Be pro-active and have systems in place to hand-hold your current clients. Whether you truly believe in karma or not: what goes around, comes around. It will always be worth the effort if your systems are running smooth and you treat your employees and clients like gold.

Photo credit: Mel B.