Backup your Facebook Account

Ah, Facebook. Whether you use Facebook for business or pleasure, it takes a lot of work. It also holds so much of your memories, trials, successes and photos. I know, personally, I would cry like a baby if it up and… *POOF*…disappeared. As with anything else on your computer: backup, backup, backup!

Downloading all your information from Facebook is actually very easy:

1. While at Home (your update stream is showing), scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see a bottom menu bar. Click on Privacy.

2. On this page, one of the options is Interactive Tools. Click on this link.

3. Download all your information. A window will pop up that says they will be emailing you when the download is ready. It took about an hour for me to get that email.

4. Click on the link in your email. It will ask for your password for security reasons. Then download to your computer (

Download Facebook backup


It downloads anything you have ever put on Facebook. I’ve never had any issues with Facebook losing my information, but I know of other’s that have had to battle this with Facebook…and we all know the great customer service that Facebook extends. (!)