Schedule a Shared Facebook Post

If you manage a Facebook page, you know how great it is to be able to schedule posts ahead of time. It’s an amazing time-saver and helps with strategic planning. But for a lot of people they don’t realize they can just as easily schedule a shared Facebook post.

Say a leader in your niche posts a video that you think your audience would get a lot of benefit from, but you’re reading it at 11:30pm (because your brain won’t shut off!) Unless most of your audience is half-way around the world, 11:30pm is not an ideal time to share. No worries..sharing another page’s post is as easy as copying and pasting. And the creator still gets the credit <- Very important!

  1. Highlight and copy the date link of the post you want to share.


Copy date link

2. Open up your Facebook page and paste that date link into your post field. It will automatically populate with the post/video/photo, etc. After it’s populated, delete the link and write your own content about what your sharing.

Paste date link into Facebook post

3. After you’re finished, just click on the down arrow, beside the Publish button, and schedule the post just as you normally would.

Schedule post time

Super easy, but with all of Facebook’s bells and whistles it can get overlooked.

Happy Sharing!!