Information sharing


Anyone connected to one of the 300+ chapters of the Social Media Club, knows this is not only their tagline, but also their focus. The great thing about sharing information within your industry is you always get that opportunity to learn more yourself and stay current with what is trending in your area.
So you want to share and you want to learn. Great!

How do you filter through all the voices online telling you to look their way because they have either the most experience or they’re the loudest voice? A lot of us tend to read the same blogs and hear the same ideas/thoughts. Nothing wrong with those favorites, but if you find yourself in a rut, it’s time to branch out.  Here are some ways to stay current in your industry or just keep up on the latest things you enjoy.

1. Technorati/Stumble Upon – I know they have been around for quite awhile which is why I think some people overlook them, but they can be a great source of new blogs with new information you’re missing.

2. Social Media chats and forums – I have found some of the best sites/blogs by connecting with others in my field through Twitter chats, online forums and LinkedIn Groups. There are so many others that want to make that same connection with you.

3. Conferences – You can do this without breaking the bank. There are some pricey conferences that are completely worth it, but you can also learn and connect with others through local events put on by your Chamber of Commerce or nearest Social Media Club.

Don’t let your fears (or pride, for that matter) get in the way of learning more and giving back. Have fun and connect!

Photo credit: furiousgeorge81