How to Get Noticed on PinterestPinterest has been around for a few years now and most everyone feels they have a grasp on this fun platform. However, have you noticed there are some that just seem to get all the attention? You’re posting the same information and it’s great content, so why them and not you? Let’s double check that you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s.

Optimize your images.

This crucial step is what will make the biggest difference in what others consider “pin worthy”.

1.  When creating your photos use the 2:3 ratio rule. By making the image vertical, rather than horizontal, it will fit the Pinterest board better; which will give you more attention. (Pre-pin your posts to a secret board to see what it will look like before pinning to the board of your choice.)
2.  Use photos/graphics/text that is visually enticing. For example, if you use an image with a busy background, that image can get overlooked by viewers.
3.  Make it easy for your readers to Pin your posts – have a Pin button handy for each image.

Use analytics to take action.

What boards are getting the most attention? What do your followers like best about your pins? There are a couple of way to help you with this:

1.  Be sure to Verify your Website – this is the only way you can view Pinterest’s analytics. This Getting Started Guide is a great step-by-step instruction on how to verify your website.
2.  Find out what posts are being Pinned. There are two ways to do this:

    • You can type the following URL:  – or –
    • A less manual way is to use PinAlerts. PinAlerts sends you email notifications. When signing up you can select how frequently you want to receive these notifications. The emails will show you what was pinned, who pinned it, the date/time, and the name of the board they pinned it to.

Finding out these results will help you hone the posts that seem to resound with your listeners.

Tell your readers where to find you!

It seems very simple, but your eyes only see what it wants to see. Help your readers out. A few ideas on where you should highlight your Pinterest account:

  • Facebook (about page or creating a tab with your pins is a great idea)
  • Blog main page AND posts
  • Newsletters/eBlasts
  • Any marketing/packaging material if you sell a product
  • Join Facebook Groups for Pinterest enthusiasts
  • Cross Pin with Twitter/Facebook/Google+

Be available. A thank-you, a repin, and commenting goes a long way with building your followers. Remember to enjoy your Pinning experience! If you aren’t having fun, your readers will know it.  Pin On!