Helpful Social Media Blogs

By a variety of counts, there are over 450 million “active” blogs. I get asked quite often which one’s are best for helpful social media information. There are some pretty good ones, but there are some tried and true that are my go-to’s.  There are some that I dig into for the meat of social media, but this list is not for that. This list includes blogs that are written by people who get to the point and help share what they’ve learned.

  1. Socialbrite – This site is written specifically for non-profits, however the information given is great for any business or individual who are looking to better their skills.
  2. Socialnomics – Erik can get heady sometimes, but all in all he shares great information. I feel safe in saying he is the king of statitsics and case studies.
  3. Heidi Cohen– Heidi’s blog is an “actionable” marketing blog, but that means she’s a well-rounded blogger that touches on everything needed to keep you up to snuff with integrated marketing tips.
  4. Pushing Social – Stanford specializes in blogging while integrating it with other social media outlets.
  5. Jeff Bullas – Jeff is pretty straightforward as far giving information that is digestible and manageable.

As already mentioned, there are a lot of options out there for helpful social media blogs, but if you haven’t checked out the above list, please do. It will be worth your while!

Photo credit: H is for Home