Organize your Subscriptions

It’s amazing how quick email subscriptions can get out of hand. “Sign up for 10% off of a great product…Get the best tips for blogging…News you can’t live without!” I’m sure there is a reason why you needed to subscribe, but if it’s been more than 3 months and you can’t remember why you subscribed and/or you don’t need their services any longer, it’s time to clean up your subscription list.

There are several services out there that can help in this department, but I’ve found that UnRoll.Me is a free and simple tool to help you organize all your subscriptions.

How-To Steps:

1. To get started enter your email address.
2. If you have an email address that is not immediately recognized (like gmail or yahoo) it will ask you to pick from a list of email providers to choose from.
3. will need you to give them permission to manage your inbox so they can pull out the emails that are subscriptions.
4. Once they’ve scanned your emails, they will list the subscriptions and give you two options. The options are what makes this tool so great! You can either unsubscribe directly from that page or roll your subscriptions into one subscription so instead of receiving multiple emails, you can receive them as one email.

Note: keep in mind that in some cases if you have emails that are being forwarded to you, will pull that in as a subscription. Also, if you don’t want to do anything, you can just leave it alone.

All in all, I think this is the most simple tool to use for anyone wanting to keep organized without too much hassle.

Important note:  if you are subscribed to a newsletter that is still very useful to you, please stay subscribed. A lot of organizations work very hard to give you information to meet your needs.