QR Codes – Don’t Forget Your Basics

What’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive?

It’s not SuperMan…it’s Digital Media!

Everywhere you go people are scrambling to stay on top of the latest app, WordPress plugin (Jetpack!), or greatest marketing strategy.

Unfortunately that means people are jumping in feet first and finding themselves up to their knees in digital quicksand. As simple as this list is, it’s worth keeping in mind as you research whether using QR codes is for you:

1. Who is your audience? You will have a better success rate on your ROE (Return On Engagement) if you target a particular group of people. Don’t go so broad on your scope of reach. You want it scalable.

2. What is your call of action? Don’t just put up a QR Code in your latest e-blast just to say you’ve done it. Give your call of action some meat. Instead of asking your audience to scan the code and check out your site, send them to a page that is a current campaign. When the campaign has reached it’s goal, that code can still be used for potential clients.

3. Where are you putting the QR codes? If you put it on a t-shirt people will have trouble scanning it because of the material. If you’re putting it on a slide, make sure the screen is flat and not an old fashion pull down – it can distort your code. Hint: using a URL shortener will allow a visually smaller code. Extra Hint: Please test the code before you make it live.

4. When should you use a QR code? Remember using a QR code is just another way to reach out to your audience and entice them to come to you. It’s a resource. Use them for campaigns, business cards, presentations, expo events, parties, etc. Be creative and fun!

5. Why should you add QR codes to your strategy? According to IDC, the growth of smartphone usage is expected to increase by 49.2% during 2011. There are stats upon stats that are staggering when it comes to potentional customers using smartphones like laptops.  So do you want to reach them where they’re at or not? 😉

I love hearing all the various ways that companies are starting to use QR codes. I’ve heard Real Estate firms that are putting them on the For Sale signs on properties. Clothing stores are encouraging their customers to scan in-store to save a percentage that day. Restaurants are are doing the same. I encourage you to be creative to stand out and get noticed!