Social Media Myths

Marketing StrategyThere is a lot of bad information out there and just as many assumptions. I’m floored what social media “experts” are sharing with clients.  I somehow feel compelled to take them under my wing and lead them to the light…so to speak.

I’ve highlighted some of the most misunderstood aspects of using social media in business:

1. It’s free! While a lot of the tools are free, the act of engaging various social media platforms is time-intensive. This is not just a one-time campaign…it’s a process that should become another foundational part of your marketing strategy.

2. I don’t need it. You’re right…if you want your company to grow stagnant. There are plenty of other businesses that want to build a relationship with your customers through social media. Are you willing to give them up?

3. Once it’s set up, I’m good to go.  See #1. An inactive social media account is a dead social media account.

4. This is another great way to sell my product. Yes and no. What social media is not: big billboard in the sky for ads, megaphone for yelling deals, replacement for email marketing. What social media is: a great way to service your customers, listening devices to hear what is being said about your company, engagement tools.

5. I still think that Social Media is just a fad.

Facebook: launched February, 2004
Twitter: launched July, 2006
LinkedIn: launched May, 2003
YouTube: launched November, 2005

Most fads don’t last 5 years or longer.  Those are just some of the top social media sites.

If you’re not ready to jump in with both feet, I would suggest at least listening to what is being said about your company within social media realms. In 2011, your company’s reputation depends upon it.