The Art of Retweeting

Retweeting on TwitterI have seen countless retweets (where you resend someone else’s tweet) that left me puzzled. Why did they retweet it? Did they think it was funny? Horrible? Do they agree? Disagree?

Since Twitter is meant to be a social communication venue, I figured I would throw out the steps for a good retweet:

1. Shorthand. Most savvy Tweeters know to use about 120 characters instead of the maximum 140. This way it makes it easier for others to retweet them. However, if you want to retweet a lengthy tweet, by all means shorten it.  You have to think like a teenager in texting mode.

(If you have a little problem with this, NetLingo helps with all the texting lingo needed.
Although I must ask…WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF?! Who decided that 143 means ‘I love you’?)

But don’t go crazy. Normal people need to understand what you’re saying.

2. Your 2 cents. There is obviously a reason why you’re retweeting…so state it.

Great thoughts…I highly rec to read

Great picture! What equip was used?

+1 (<- really short response but very cool)

3. Use sparingly. Retweets are a great way of tweeting out something fast…and totally appropriate. However, if someone checks out your Twitter stream and it’s filled with nothing by RTs, it appears you don’t have a mind of your own. Shake it up! If you read a post that you dig, Tweet about it in first person vs. a retweet from someone else or send a tweet to the author commenting + a link to the post.

I hope this helps. I think so many people get caught up in the dos and don’ts they forget the basics: it’s communicating with people.

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