How to Schedule a Shared Facebook Post

Schedule a Shared Facebook Post

If you manage a Facebook page, you know how great it is to be able to schedule posts ahead of time. It’s an amazing time-saver and helps with strategic planning. But for a lot of people they don’t realize they can just as easily schedule a shared Facebook post.

Say a leader in your niche posts a video that you think your audience would get a lot of benefit from, but you’re reading it at 11:30pm (because your brain won’t shut off!) Unless most of your audience is half-way around the world, 11:30pm is not an ideal time to share. No worries..sharing another page’s post is as easy as copying and pasting. And the creator still gets the credit <- Very important!

  1. Highlight and copy the date link of the post you want to share.


Copy date link

2. Open up your Facebook page and paste that date link into your post field. It will automatically populate with the post/video/photo, etc. After it’s populated, delete the link and write your own content about what your sharing.

Paste date link into Facebook post

3. After you’re finished, just click on the down arrow, beside the Publish button, and schedule the post just as you normally would.

Schedule post time

Super easy, but with all of Facebook’s bells and whistles it can get overlooked.

Happy Sharing!!


Facebook’s See First Option

Facebook's See First Option

Facebook can be SO infuriating, yet we still check it 50x a day. Yes, we are our worst enemy. 😉 We follow certain Pages because we like what they share or offer. We don’t want to miss it. But Facebook likes to pick and choose who gets to see those Page posts; unless you interact with it often. If you’re more of a lurker Facebook has made a tweak to help you out a bit.

Recently they created the See First option with the Following/Unfollow dropdown menu within a Page. Now by clicking ‘See First’ you will get to see all status updates from that Page and not miss out on a thing.

Mobile view:

Facebook See First Option
Desktop view:

Facebook See First Option - Desktop view
See how great that is?!

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Common Social Media Mistakes for Businesses

Social Media Mistakes

Social media as a main stream marketing strategy has been in practice for a few years now. Whether a company is new at this concept or they have been doing it “like a pro,” there are still social media mistakes that continue to pop up by users. These mistakes can cost a business greatly. Let’s look at 10 of the most common mistakes out there.

  • Posting too many times about your services/products within a small time window will turn your followers off. Try spreading your posts out (Buffer is a great tool for this) and sticking to something similar to the 80/20 rule. That is 80% about your industry and 20% about your business offerings.
  • “Advertising” your business on another business’ Facebook page is rude and tacky. You’re not actually getting read by their followers, but you are going to help progress some negative word-of-mouth marketing by those companies you do that to. Remember it’s a person running that other Facebook account.
  • Creating automatic posts without staying in touch with the temperature of your audience. If you’ve created a status update about what a fun, loving community/followers you have and something in the news comes up about a child abduction, you’re going to look very impersonal and out of touch with reality.
  • Talking but not listening will kill any progress you might make on your social media platforms. You’re online and now your followers want to be socialable. Don’t leave them hanging. Answer questions…respond to comments…just be present!
  • When connecting with others on LinkedIn don’t use the default message. Make it personal. Send a message about where you might have met them, heard them talk, or others who you both might know.
  • Do not spam others through private messages. If you use DM’s on Twitter to shout your pitch, you’ll get unfollowed. If you send a private message to share a spammy ad on Facebook, it’ll get deleted with no response. Call the business and find out who you need to talk to and talk with that person. Leave your social media sites to promote others (first) then yourself properly.
  • Just because there are hundreds of social media platforms available, doesn’t mean your business needs to have an active account on all of them. Remember you’re trying to reach a particular type of fan. You need to ask, “Where are they and how can we use that platform to our best ability?” Then knock it out of the park!
  • Online newsletters should never be sent to anyone that has not opted into your subscriber list. Yes, that means just because you met someone and exchanged business cards, does not mean they qualify as a subscriber.
  • Your online voice can be read many different ways. What you may think is tongue-in-cheek humor can be completely rude and a turn off to half your audience. Become familiar on when to sound professional and when to be more casual with your posts.
  • Be careful with double-posting. Don’t always have the same posts on Twitter that you would have on your LinkedIn or Facebook account. They have different “voices” and you need to give variety.

Trends will always change, but etiquette is a constant. Be sure that you are thinking of what is best for your (potential) customers, not what is best for your sales figures.


Backup your Facebook Account

Ah, Facebook. Whether you use Facebook for business or pleasure, it takes a lot of work. It also holds so much of your memories, trials, successes and photos. I know, personally, I would cry like a baby if it up and… *POOF*…disappeared. As with anything else on your computer: backup, backup, backup!

Downloading all your information from Facebook is actually very easy:

1. While at Home (your update stream is showing), scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see a bottom menu bar. Click on Privacy.

2. On this page, one of the options is Interactive Tools. Click on this link.

3. Download all your information. A window will pop up that says they will be emailing you when the download is ready. It took about an hour for me to get that email.

4. Click on the link in your email. It will ask for your password for security reasons. Then download to your computer (

Download Facebook backup


It downloads anything you have ever put on Facebook. I’ve never had any issues with Facebook losing my information, but I know of other’s that have had to battle this with Facebook…and we all know the great customer service that Facebook extends. (!)


Controlling your News Feed on Facebook

I love what Facebook can do for businesses. But it boggles me why they would limit the updates you see on this social platform. If you’ve noticed recently that you don’t see as many updates from some of your friends or pages, it’s because of the default settings Facebook has set for your News Feed. The default shows only those that you interact with often. This doesn’t help if you’re following a page that you get good info from but don’t necessarily interact with. Thankfully it’s easy as 1-2-3 to change that.

1.  Go to your Home Page and scroll all the way to the bottom of the status updates/posts. You should see this:

2. Click on the Edit Options Link. That will bring up this window:

3. Click on the dropdown menu under ‘Show posts from’ and choose All of your Friends and Pages.


Please be sure to share this with others so we all get a chance to stay on top of the latest news from our friends and favorite businesses!

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