The Human Factor

In real life, your days can very quickly turn into hours of The Twilight Zone. One moment you’re getting up and making your morning coffee and before you know it, autopilot takes over and you find yourself crawling into bed thinking…”What happened to that to-do list and where did the day go?!” Autopilot is a kick in the pants. It’s great for the days when you just need to keep moving or you’ll fall over. But on those days when you need to focus, it steals the hours away.

Autopilot takes away the human factor. Even on social media platforms, where the point is to be social, Mr. Autopilot hits the ‘like’ button without giving thoughts. He also gets on Twitter (“because I have to”) and sends out a bunch of retweets, maybe throws out a few quotes, then calls it a day.

“There aren’t enough hours in the day!”

We all get that but we’re supposed to be real. So if you’re tired and don’t have an ounce of brain cells to form an update…say that! I bet you get an “Amen!” or two on that one. How about a couple of more hints on how to stave off the boring content:

1. Strategy – If you have an ongoing media strategy, it will help you stay on track with all your outreaches. There should always be a direction on how you are engaging with your followers. If you’re consistent, they know what to expect, feel comfortable with that, and it breeds loyalty.

2. Editorial Calendar – Yes, it can be overwhelming at first, but it’s worth that initial tackle. A calendar is what gets you through those days where you are drained of anything creative. You’ll be amazed to find that in a lot of cases planned posts, tweets, etc lend to more creative conversations (which hopefully grows your conversion rates).

3. Unplug – With the help of having a strategy and calendar, you should be able to free up more time to unplug. We all need times where we walk away and enjoy real life. When’s the last time you took a walk to enjoy the scenery? Take at least one day a week to disconnect and rediscover life unplugged.

I just want to encourage you, even though you may have days where you feel like Artificial Intelligence, you’re the real thing (…and people want the real thing!)

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Helpful Social Media Blogs

By a variety of counts, there are over 450 million “active” blogs. I get asked quite often which one’s are best for helpful social media information. There are some pretty good ones, but there are some tried and true that are my go-to’s.  There are some that I dig into for the meat of social media, but this list is not for that. This list includes blogs that are written by people who get to the point and help share what they’ve learned.

  1. Socialbrite – This site is written specifically for non-profits, however the information given is great for any business or individual who are looking to better their skills.
  2. Socialnomics – Erik can get heady sometimes, but all in all he shares great information. I feel safe in saying he is the king of statitsics and case studies.
  3. Heidi Cohen– Heidi’s blog is an “actionable” marketing blog, but that means she’s a well-rounded blogger that touches on everything needed to keep you up to snuff with integrated marketing tips.
  4. Pushing Social – Stanford specializes in blogging while integrating it with other social media outlets.
  5. Jeff Bullas – Jeff is pretty straightforward as far giving information that is digestible and manageable.

As already mentioned, there are a lot of options out there for helpful social media blogs, but if you haven’t checked out the above list, please do. It will be worth your while!

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Traditional media vs. Social Media

Traditional media is not going away. Social media is not going away. Here’s a visual: traditional media is like the older brother who has to get used to his new, loud and intrusive brother. However, as with most siblings, they learn pretty quick how to work together to get what they want from their parents/audience.

Not sure how to integrate the two for your business? Here are 3 ideas to get you started on the right path:

Use traditional media to promote your social media presence. It takes 7 “touches” before a typical audience receives the message you’re trying to get out. Some ideas:

~QR code in a print ad directing them to one of your social media platform pages (FB fan page, Google + page). This is great if you’re having a contest.
~Put your Facebook page URL on your billboard/print ad.
~Don’t forget to add all your social media accounts to your invoices, service agreements, etc.

Test out a new product on your social media followers to get feedback before advertising through traditional media outlets. This lets your social media audience feel like they have a special voice in your company.

Promote changes you’re making in your product/service/company due to social media conversations with customers. This tells your customers that their opinions matter and you use social media to build relationship.

As with any kind of marketing strategies, you have to follow through. If you are going to tell your customers that “we’re listening to you!”, then you better go above and beyond that.

I hope these ideas start generating thoughts that are specific to your business culture. I’d love to hear how you are using both medias to reach your audience!

Backup your Facebook Account

Ah, Facebook. Whether you use Facebook for business or pleasure, it takes a lot of work. It also holds so much of your memories, trials, successes and photos. I know, personally, I would cry like a baby if it up and… *POOF*…disappeared. As with anything else on your computer: backup, backup, backup!

Downloading all your information from Facebook is actually very easy:

1. While at Home (your update stream is showing), scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see a bottom menu bar. Click on Privacy.

2. On this page, one of the options is Interactive Tools. Click on this link.

3. Download all your information. A window will pop up that says they will be emailing you when the download is ready. It took about an hour for me to get that email.

4. Click on the link in your email. It will ask for your password for security reasons. Then download to your computer (

Download Facebook backup


It downloads anything you have ever put on Facebook. I’ve never had any issues with Facebook losing my information, but I know of other’s that have had to battle this with Facebook…and we all know the great customer service that Facebook extends. (!)