3 Reasons You Need Canva’s New Mobile App

BC_blog_Canva's New Mobile App

Working in the digital field, we are always searching for different programs or apps that make our lives and the lives of our clients just a little easier. One of those platforms has been Canva. We’ve been huge fans from day one. Recently we were asked to beta test Canva’s new mobile app along with some other great companies. It came as no surprise that it was fantastic! We all started creating like mad, fixed some bugs, and now we’re super excited to announce that Canva has made it live!

What if we were grateful

Here are the highlights to why we love this app so much:

Saves time

Being able to create a quick graphic for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is a time-saver for us and our clients. We can create quick graphics, during an event, on our phones. This keeps our to-do list down and allows for instant, live responses. No more #latergram here! And of course, they don’t just stop with a few platforms. You can also create presentations, blog graphics, covers, and posters…just name a few.

It’s Spontaneous…or is it?

We love the spontaneous feel of the app. We can create a graphic from an editorial calendar that was planned the previous month, but with the many templates they have, it feels like we came up with it on the fly.

Creating on the Go

With long commutes or long kid pick-up lines, we find ourselves always on the subway or in the car with down time. With Canva’s new mobile app, we can keep creating without missing a beat. Our creations sync with our desktop version, so it’s always fluidly in motion.


  1. Be sure to use the search bar in the Elements section…there are so many options!
  2. Play around with the templates and change them into your own brand color and theme.
  3. Don’t bypass the search bar when looking for images…that’s where Canva’s free and for-pay pictures are.

Holiday Promo Sample

There are some amazing ladies and gents that work at Canva and they have an outstanding customer support. Even before we became a part of their Inner Circle, they fixed hiccups and answered questions as if we were their most important client. So don’t hesitate to contact them with questions.

With the Canva App being so new there are just a couple things we would love to see added soon: add our own Elements (such as logo’s) and being able to purchase images through the app.

We’re not too worried about that though…they’ll continue to make the app the best because that’s what Canva does.


iPad Hints and Tips

I am an iPad fanatic. There isn’t much I can’t do on an iPad that someone else can do with a laptop. Lately, I’ve been getting some of the same questions about iPad functionality that are definitely post-worthy.

1. Did you know you can take a screenshot of your iPad? Clicking the home (large button at the lower part of your screen) and sleep (top edge) button at the same time will give you a screenshot. You’ll know it ‘took’ when it gives a slight flash to the screen. It saves the pic in Photos for easy transition to a computer.

2.  I’m an app junkie. Organizing my apps into groups is the only thing keeping me sane. Most people know that if you hold your finger on an app it will allow you to move it from screen to screen.  If you grab the app and hover it over another app, it will group the two together. I have groups for Business, Organized, News, etc. Makes it super organized! (Kudos to my buddy, Kevin, for showing me this one!)

3. Keyboard shortcuts are a must. There are a lot of shortcuts that you can find online. Some of the ones I use the most are:

  • By double spacing at the end of the sentence, iPad will automatically add a period, space and capitalize the first letter to your next word.
  • When you’re using the built-in keyboard on the iPad, apostrophes can get cumbersome. Most of the time, you can leave the apostrophe out and auto-correct will fill in the blanks for you. When that function isn’t available, hold your finger on the !/’ key and the apostrophe will come up so you don’t have to go to the number screen to get it. (Most of the symbol keys have extra keys available if you hold that key down.)
  • On that note: keeping tweets down to minimal characters can be challenging when you’re a ellipsis user. (Guilty!) If you hold your finger on the period (number screen), on the iPad built-in keyboard, it will highlight an ellipsis key which only counts for one character vs. three.

    What must-have shortcuts do you use on your iPad?